A new approach in Alzheimer's Research
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Pre-clinical Trials

Pre-clinical Trials


Septa Therapeutics' technology is designed to block the inflammation characteristic of Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Our approach is entirely new. However, it is based on 20 years of academic research in chronic infrection in the Central Nervous System (CNS) and 5 years of meningitis-related research.

The early research has been completed and is summarized in three issued patents (see Technology).

We are currently in the enviable position to quickly capitalize on this early work to develop a new drug candidate for the treatment of AD.

Pre-clinical trial in progress

Pre-clinical trials have been initiated with Toni Ahtoniemi, Ph.D., at the Boston-based Charles River Discovery Research Services Finland, Ltd.

Our first pilot brain penetration study will determine if the Test Compound crosses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) following the intranasal dosing.

The Test Compound will be administered at three dose levels, intranasally, to 8-12-week-old genetically engineered mice in order to also confirm the appropriate dosage for the future efficacy studies to follow.

This pilot trial will cost US$32,000 upon completion.