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Gloria Ma, Ph.D., Molecular Biology, UCSD, La Jolla.
Scientist and Entrepreneur

She was co-founder and CEO of XXsys Technologies (1993), which uses advanced composites technology transfer to a bridge infrastructure renewal consortium where she raised capital from start-up throuhg IPO. She procured government R&D contracts and received $30+million in Defense Conversion R&D grants.

In 2003, Dr. Ma served as chairman of the board for San Diego Data Processing Corporation, a non-profit corporation wholly owned by the city of San Diego, which provies IT services to operate the many facets of the city's operations.

From January 2018 until the present, Dr. Ma served as Executive Vice-President of Precision Healthcare Ecosystems, San Diego.

Recently, Dr. Ma was engaged in detailed discussions with Septa Therapeutics Inc. regarding investment in the development of our new drug to treat Alzheimer's Disease. There was particular interest in pre-clinical trials for a new drug candidate. These discussions were cut short following her untimely death in February, 2020.

Diane Van Alstyne, CEO, Septa Therapeutics, has been named as a beneficiary in Dr. Ma's estate, affirming her desire to see the completion of the pre-clinical trials.

Septa Therapeutics Inc. is a private company with 6 million shares issued to 4 shareholders.